Do the next right thing.

Our approach is driven by three trends

  • Macro economic uncertainty and austerity
  • Digital/mobile revolution driving rapid innovation
  • An explosion in Lean/Experimental approaches to change

Our services and products draw on principles of Lean and Agile thinking to help those being asked to deliver “faster, better, cheaper” in a significantly changing environment.

Problems you may have encountered:

  • A disconnect between the commercial side of products and the technical side
  • A lack of expertise in the business around innovation, UX and Design thinking
  • Products that fail or don’t reach their objectives

Our Solution:

We provide services and tools to help you focus on the consistent application of the world’s best product management methods.

Key Products:

  • Product Management, UX and Lean Training
  • Team Purpose Workshop
  • Discovery Workshops
  • Product Management Exemplars (people who can show best practise on site)
  • UX experts

Business Benefits:

  • Lean and more visible processes lead to faster decisions and customer engagement with your product
  • Less ‘work in progress’, leading to less resource strain and contention
  • More focus and alignment with strategic imperatives
  • More regular and relevant planning and funding discussions
  • Better value from fewer projects done well
  • Timely, accurate data giving Execs and the answers they asked for

Our Product Manager Steph Chamberlain is available on 07794534786.  Give her a call or email  steph@magicmilestones.com if you want to find out more.