Do the next right thing.

Our approach is driven by three trends

  • Macro economic uncertainty and austerity
  • Digital/mobile revolution driving rapid innovation
  • An explosion in Lean/Experimental approaches to change

Our services and products draw on principles of Lean and Agile thinking to help those being asked to deliver “faster, better, cheaper” in a significantly changing environment.

Problems you may have encountered:

  • A lack of visibility across the portfolio, particularly of value delivered
  • Multiple projects with no clear (or clearly communicated) business case
  • Projects not aligned/linked to business strategy and prioritised by ‘HiPPOs’ (Highest Paid Person’s Opinions)
  • Too many in-flight and ‘sick’ projects and a growing backlog of demand
  • Low staff morale of project team members assigned to three or more concurrent projects, with the highly skilled stretched the most
  • Reporting to executives is poor and focused on outputs, not outcomes
  • PMOs seen as “Police” or “Admin” function
  • Innovation hampered by budget and resource constraints
  • A stifling governance structure that doesn’t support leaner, more agile, ways of working

Our Solution:

We provide services and tools to help you focus on the consistent definition for, alignment with, and increased throughput of value – changing the perception of the PMO from an administrative cost to a growth enabler.

If you want in-depth content you can email us at admin@magicmilestones.com for a password

We encourage PMO people to take responsibility for the continued business case assessment of their projects. From there they can aid the exec in prioritising the most valuable projects within the portfolio. We also draw from our experiences (as well as documented frameworks) in order to bring lean thinking to IT portfolio, programme and project management in a way that delivers value earlier. Suffice to say, this also reduces waste. This transition involves training, change management, project evaluation and process re-design. We work with existing staff to create a career that is meaningful in its own right and respected by colleagues across the business.

Key Features:

  • A lean and visible lifecycle, limiting WIP and improving throughput
  • A tool for consistently capturing one-page business cases.
  • A framework to evaluate, rank and prioritise projects in collaboration with senior stakeholders
  • Aligning your project teams to key value streams and product-centric structures
  • Road-mapping your initiatives within funding and resource constraints
  • A Governance structure for maximum visibility and quick decision making
  • User friendly, insightful reporting of metrics that matter
  • IMO Change Managers, making sure no-one’s left out in the cold
  • Training and coaching to develop your people
  • Resourcing for your PMO
  • Embedding the right tools to complement this approach

Business Benefits:

  • Lean and more visible processes lead to faster decisions and exec buy-in
  • Less ‘work in progress’, leading to less resource strain and contention
  • More focus and alignment with strategic imperatives
  • More regular and relevant planning and funding discussions
  • Better value from fewer projects done well
  • Timely, accurate data giving Execs and the answers they asked for

Read about our work implementing an IMO for BBC Worldwide here

How much does it cost?

All businesses are different and the initial level of maturity certainly makes a difference. We break the Lean PMO down into to discrete deliverables of around 10-20K depending on the number of projects being covered.  The ROI is through the identification and refinement/abandonment of just a handful of non-strategic imperatives as well as a more efficient deployment of resources and funding.

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Our Product Manager Steph Chamberlain is available on 07794534786.  Give her a call or email  steph@magicmilestones.com if you want to find out more about these cutting edge techniques.