What we do

So what does Magic Milestones do?

Magic Milestones is a consortium of boutique consultancies that support your transformation

Here are some examples of the services that we can provide:

  1. Set up stable teams
  2. Transform the structure of your organisation to become more customer focused
  3. Run a flexible delivery and PMO service
  4. Bring failing projects, programmes back on track
  5. Train your staff in agile and lean practices
  6. Support digital and agile transformation through change management
  7. Review projects that aren’t delivering benefits and solve the problem
  8. Support continuous software development
  9. Test and QA your software
  10. Help you develop OKRs for a more empowered work force

We focus on these things because:

  1. Our niche specialists are the best at what they do
  2. We enjoy putting order on chaos
  3. We’ve done around 27 transformations in 13 years.  We wouldn’t want that learning to go to waste.

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