Agile and Lean Training

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In today’s challenging digital environment, the most efficient way to keep up with the latest delivery methods is to train your team.

Unlike other organisations we don’t believe in creating certificates.

At Magic Milestones we don’t train your people in project management.

We train your teams in delivery transformation.

Here are a selection of our current courses:

Agile in the agency

Lean PMO – Managing IT investments

Introduction to Agile

Here are some of our newer courses now available for online learning..

Agile and Lean for the Enterprise

Bite-sized, reliable content so that you don’t have to read quite so many books on the subject..

What are all the agile concepts and techniques? How do you utilise these for an agile transformation? What behaviours do you need to foster? What is the right culture for your organisation?

All about Kanban

What Kanban is and when to use it

Kanban is often something our clients have heard about but not seen working. It is often just seen as a board, when in reality it is much more than that. In this course we’ll explore the routes of Kanban and how to make it truly work for you with a deeper understanding.

Developing the behaviours of a team

Develop and champion effective team/departmental values and behaviours

How do you embed certain behaviours as “habit”. How do you get a team of people all facing the right direction? Find out in our short but handy course.

Cultivating Courage

How to cultivate courage both at a team and at a personal level

Research shows that certain personality types tend to power change. However, with the right approach, anyone can learn how to cultivate the courage to drive change. Learn how in this handy guide based on the research of Prof. James R Detert.

Product Management Essentials

What do you need to know as a Product Manager?

What are products?  What is a customer centred approach?  What does a Product Manager measure to determine success?  How do you set up your organisation for success?

Guiding and Influencing

Commitment, Selling and Stories. How to gain commitment and support from stakeholders and your team.

We have all been in a position where people have been working against us. What does it take to change someone’s mind? Is there ever a moment where we can’t prevail? In this training course we will be looking at what it takes to win over your stakeholders and perhaps more importantly, your team.