The [your company] way of delivering

The ‘X way’.  Less uniform, more unique yet universal

Companies often come to us and say ‘my people don’t do things consistently’.  What they usually mean is, ‘I don’t get the information I need out of my people when i ask for it.’

People often come to us and it sounds like they want their project manager’s to all approach projects the same way and all deliver in the same way.  But that isn’t exactly what they are saying.  They want high performance and they want visibility to be consistent but the way 2 project manager’s get there is largely immaterial.

Developing a universal, organisational way of delivering is less about templates and more about philosophy, embedded best practice and techniques.  It absolutely results in metrics that can be viewed and compared.

What’s the problem?

Once upon a time in a kingdom far far away, someone made some project templates and we’ve been stuck with them ever since.  These templates were largely based on a government method of managing projects called PRINCE2®.  As such it is based on the need for old fashioned Public Sector style KPIs.  It was not based on the kinds of KPIs that commercial companies and forward thinking public sector orgs now need in order to determine project risk and success.  The symptoms of this problem are many..

  1. Frustrated project managers
  2. PMO staff that act like the project police OR
  3. PMO staff that use the PMO to get out of the PMO into project management OR
  4. PMO staff that cry before they come to work each day because everybody avoids them like the plague.
  5. A governance process that slows everything down regardless of status, risk or health.

How we can help

So in lieu of someone inventing some kind of scent that PMOs can wear to make people  open up and talk about their projects we are focusing on..

  1. Setting up a working group and community to gain buy-in from day 1
  2. A PMO community that is valued because they are able to add insight and value to the delivery process
  3. Genuinely involving everyone in the process of ‘X way’ design
  4. Stimulating new ideas by introducing new concepts to the working group e.g. Google Ventures Sprint process
  5. Using Portfolio Kanban and Delivery KPIs to minimise the governance process

What does the ‘X way’ give to Portfolio Managers, Delivery Managers and Execs?

  1. Hard data.  If you want to compare the performance of one project with another the data must be like to like.  That’s the first thing we deliver.
  2. Baselines.  The X way is about establishing a baseline situation that can be improved upon over time.
  3. Habitual reporting.  The X way makes reporting useful to everyone from the Project Manager to the PMO, from the PMO to the exec team and beyond.
  4. A basis for decision making and improvements.  The X way shows where the method is working and where it is failing.  It garners attention to the projects that need decisions now.

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