Training and Coaching

Make delivery a habit within your organisation with our training and coaching packages.

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Our training courses are listed below.  Session share these common unique features:

  1. Each training course starts with an in-depth training needs analysis.  We gather this data through a 2 hr workshop.  The outputs of the workshop are included within the overall training price and often amount to high level consultancy.
  2. Due to this approach, we can craft a training session which is totally tailored to your organisation for just an extra £1,500 per day, per 10 delegates.
  3. Training is run by experienced consultants who are practised in the relevant field and have the associated accreditations.
  4. A case study is referred to throughout the course so that the emphasis is on practical examples interspersed with engaging academic content.
  5. Reading lists and handy tools handed out to complement the training.
  6. Online access to materials as standard.
  7. An online questionnaire is completed by each delegate and results made available after each course so that you can see the level of satisfaction experienced by your staff.  We will shortly be exhibiting our training scores on the home page.

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