Kantar Operations – Global Agile PMO


Kantar is part of the WPP Group plc. They are a global business providing market research services. http://www.kantar.com/
In 2009 it recognised the need to identify and prioritise the projects and programmes which would drive forward its business strategy in 2010.

What we did

Magic Milestones was engaged to provide two of its services:
Agile PMO: We put in place a light-weight system to capture and evaluate all possible projects. We then ran the processes necessary to prioritise them. Finally, the PMO was handed over to local ownership following recruitment of appropriate staff by Kantar.
Training: As part of the succession management, we provided training on running Agile PMOs both on-site and remotely to teams in the UK and the USA.
Following the successful implementation, Magic Milestones helped hire, and handed over to, an in-house team which still drives the PMO to date.

What they said about us..

“The Magic Milestones teams have been adept at quickly getting to grips with both the business and the culture of our organisation. This has helped us make quick progress … The individuals themselves are all extremely personable, promoting good working relationships and ultimately helping the project run more smoothly.”

Mike Leigh, Global Operations Director at Kantar Operations