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Assignment: Implementing a new Portfolio Management Approach Background BBC Worldwide Limited (BBCW) is the BBC’s main commercial arm, supporting the BBC public service mission and maximising profits on its behalf. It does this through investing in, commercialising, and showcasing content from the BBC around the world, and building the reach and reputation of the BBC

RBI – Team Augmentation


“This approach allows them to fit in with the culture of the organisation they are assigned to, and to all intents and purposes become a trusted member of that organisation for the duration of the assignment.”


“It is not the strongest of the species that survive,
nor the most intelligent,
but the one most responsive to change.”

Charles Darwin


“Even if you’re on the right track,
you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

Will Rogers

Will Rogers


“Goals without routines are wishes; routines without goals are aimless.”
― Verne Harnish, Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It…and Why the Rest Don’t

Training and Coaching

The problem these days seems to be less about getting people to change their approach and more about trying to gain a consistent approach across the business.

Embedding Delivery Change

As part of our making delivery a habit series we have a number of exciting new features to share with you.. Lean PMO Training – £4,500 per 10 delegates Communities of Practice online – £2500 set up and £3,000 per 10 users per year.  Gives you year round support of your community from published experts.

Kantar Operations – Global Agile PMO

Mike Leigh, Global Operations Director at Kantar Operations, said: “The Magic Milestones teams have been adept at quickly getting to grips with both the business and the culture of our organisation.”