Transitioning Teams

Data driven team building
& augmentation

A stable project team is 60% more productive according to a recent report*

Evidence from Magic Milestones maturity assessments also bear this out.

We provide the quality of people who will make this difference.  Whether it’s a Tech Team Lead or a Programme Manager, we provide the people that drive success when things are let’s say, a little ‘up in the air’.

Our teams are formed through working with our consultancy partners and our very own “Magic Maestros”

We can put a team together with any combination of the following:

  1. Project Manager
  2. Product Manager
  3. Programme Manager
  4. Process Engineer
  5. Head of Delivery
  6. Delivery Manager
  7. Interim CTO/ CIO
  8. Change Manager
  9. Business Analyst
  10. Agile Coach
  11. PMO
  12. PSO
  13. Scrum Master
  14. Tech Team Lead
  15. Test Lead
  16. User Centred Design Lead

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Our rate card from April 2018..

The April figures are now published.

Our rate card is published because it is fixed for new private sector clients.  This allows us to be fully transparent.  Public sector clients work to our G-Cloud and Digital Outcomes and Specialists rate card.

Level 1 – C- Level – £1250 per day

Level 2 – VP Level – 1150 per day

Level 3 – Director Level – 950 per day

Level 4 – Senior Level – 850 per day

Level 5 – Mid Level – 750 per day

Level 6 – Apprentice Level – 650 per day

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How we do it..

We construct and support good teams and make them great teams through:

  • Quality – Through our exclusive consultancy network “Team Genes” we have access to a host of top quality experts. They are vetted, tested by other consultants and qualified in the areas that our clients need.  We know their availability without having to ask.  This means we can move fast when you need us to.
  • Role diversity – We use team dynamics analysis, employing methods to decipher the strengths and weaknesses of a composite team.  If you have teams working across a programme, we can optimise the distribution of team members to give you the best outcomes.  We can then ensure that any additions to the team will not affect the delicate balance for delivery.
  • Empowerment – Through the use of Agile Coaches and Behavioural Psychologists, we turn a shame and blame culture into a fame culture.  We use exemplars on the ground to prove our delivery techniques work before they inevitably go viral within the organisation.

*Rally paper “The Impact of Agile.  Quantified. (

Our Product Manager is available on 0121 2366833.

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NEWSFLASH!  We now provide permanent staff too through our sister company Stable Teams