Our Story

Life’s too short

One day I woke up and realised life was too short.

I knew that day I was going to turn my back on a vision I couldn’t believe in and a place I didn’t belong to.

Luckily enough…they fired me that very morning.

The birth of the delivery machine

4 days later, my spirit shot my ego and  I set up Magic Milestones.

We decided to build a lean, mean, delivery machine. Within 6 months that’s exactly what we were.  Saving projects from failure for the biggest and best.  Winning awards, achieving ridiculous percentages of year on year growth.

Our own dose of disruption

But you know what they say about the good times?  They can’t last forever.  2008 was a wake up call for everyone but the shocks to the service industry were felt much later.

Consultancy in chaos

The problem with solving problems is that anyone can say they do it.   In the age of disruption it can be difficult to tell if someone is actually clearing up the chaos or simply adding to it.

Beyond maps and Tour-guides

When it came down to it, pre- 2012, we were just selling maps and tour-guides.  They were the best maps and tour-guides money could buy but we weren’t being innovative we were just delivering people to destinations and leaving them there.

So we decided to do things completely differently.

We decided we needed to “eat our own dog food” more.

We took the common problems our clients shared and we crafted fully priced and packaged solutions based on our bank of experience.  We aimed for complete transparency.

We started to harvest data.  We measured our own results just like we taught our clients to and reported the ROI.

We embraced disruption and explored new business models.

No wiggly lines.

Now we are problem-solvers first and delivery people later.  Now we offer our clients the consultancy they really need in easy to evaluate packages.  We take one business problem at a time and build a path to the best solution.  No wiggly lines.  No hanging about, just straight to that Magic Milestone.  Not just any old cairn on the mountain but one that will give you the best visibility, the one with the ice cold drinkable tarn water.  Ultimately, the one with the treasure you seek.

Getting back our weekends

And because the journey is straight.  Because no effort is wasted.  Because the results will be there at the end.

Maybe that means we can all enjoy the finer things in life a little more often.

Because life’s too short for anything else. sherpas-339972

 Our CEO Steph Chamberlain is available on 01212366833.  Give her a call if you want to find out how we can accelerate your project or product results.


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