Our Story

Life’s too short

One day we woke up and realised the power of niche wasn’t enough

Magic Milestones was set up in 2007 when the internet was alot younger than it is today and agile was often confused with hot-desking.

We spent many years being a solid, niche agile consultancy and that was all fine.  But then we realised as our clients became more mature, did their digital transformations etc (and we grew up with them) that offering a niche service sometimes just wasn’t enough.

However, we really didn’t want to become jack of all trades master of none.

So, in early 2019 we started the process of inviting our fellow boutique consultancies to join us in a consortium.  Suddenly, we were able to give our clients exactly what they needed with the best experts to provide the service.

So now Magic Milestones is more than just agile, more than just developing high performing teams.  Now, we can offer you the best solution to the problem you have.  Give us a call and see how the new model works for you!

 We are available on 01212366833.  Give us a call if you want to find out how we can accelerate your project or product results.