Master your own destiny

Our Values

Our Values are integrity, transparency and rigour.  We work with companies we admire and those with similar values to us.  This makes for a fulfilling and productive assignment as the match between consultant and client has been diligently carried out.

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Permanent Consultants

Permanent staff can look forward to a number of unique benefits:

  1. Fantastic, funded, part-time study opportunities at Masters and MBA level
  2. Professional training in line with many international consultancies
  3. A CV that will catapult you into the spotlight when we finally part company

Our Associates

Our associates are looked after by a dedicated Account Director and dedicated Practise Director .  We take pride in your achievements on client site as much as you do.  Although your time with us may be intermittent, we believe that up-skilling you in our products and services is a win/ win situation.

Associates often start out in delivery roles and progress to consultancy roles. Once they prove their credentials through case studies, they can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Higher fees
  2. Access to our unique intellectual property
  3. The ability to flex training and consultancy assignments around a better work/life balance.

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Where delivery roles are concerned, we offer a holistic service to both you and the client in terms of support and additional advice and curation.

What’s expected?

All consultants are given access to our online handbook with full induction on joining.  All of our consultants regardless of employment status are expected to act in an open and honest way both internally and with the client.

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