Master your own destiny

Our Values

Our Values are integrity, transparency and rigour.  We work with companies we admire and those with similar values to us.  This makes for a fulfilling and productive assignment as the match between consultant and client has been diligently carried out.

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Permanent Consultants

Permanent staff can look forward to a number of unique benefits:

  1. Fantastic, funded, part-time study opportunities at Masters and MBA level
  2. Professional training in line with many international consultancies
  3. A CV that will catapult you into the spotlight when we finally part company

Our Sub-Contractors (Magic Maestros)

Our Maestros are supported by a dedicated Account Director and dedicated Practise Director .  We take pride in your achievements on client site as much as you do.  Although your time with us may be intermittent, we believe that up-skilling you in our products and services is a win/ win situation.

Maestros that prove their credentials through case studies and referrals can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Higher fees
  2. Access to our unique intellectual property
  3. The ability to flex training and consultancy assignments around a better work/life balance.

The first step to becoming a Maestro is to sign up at

What’s expected?

The whole team has access to our online handbook with full orientation on joining.  All our internal consultants (MMers) & Maestros live up to the same values and principles.