Ever feel like you are working more and achieving less?

Across fields such as Media, Retail, Government and Transport, our clients continue to suffer from ever changing environments and business models.  The change and the disruption just don’t let up.

Our scope

Our scope is the why, what and how of delivering change especially during times of market disruption.  Read more about our services

We provide certainty when

  • visibility is reduced,
  • disruption is constant
  • delivery is difficult.

We believe

  • a 60 hr week isn’t inevitable
  • it is possible to work less and achieve more under the right leadership and with the right culture and the right techniques and processes in place

We enable you to

  1. maintain visibility of the strategic roadmap and change course if necessary
  2. deliver results consistently across your project portfolio.
  3. choose the path of high innovation and lower risk

People who come to us have the following job titles

  • C-Level staff with a focus on operations, (CIO, CTO, CMO, CFO/ COO)
  • Head of Delivery, Head of Business Change, Portfolio Director or IT Director
  • Programme, Project or Product Managers
  • HR Recruiter and Head of Learning and Development
  • COO’s of ‘scale ups’ (high growth businesses riding the wave of disruptive tech)

We achieve

  • Up to 60% increases in productivity for our clients
  • A leap of at least 1 level of delivery maturity on the capability maturity model after a typical 3 month process change engagement

We do this by

  1. helping you to focus on what’s important today via our Lean PMO Managed Service.
  2. helping you to create stable and more productive teams via the provision of  Delivery Experts.
  3. helping you to build a ‘culture of delivery’ through our Consultancy & Training.



From the Blog

  • What the BBC Worldwide Team said…

    “I have to say, this is awesome… one of the best portfolio management packs I’ve seen in my career. Well done.”

    David Gibbons, Chief Operating Officer

    “The number one benefit has been to raise the profile of our investments and roadmap to the board and put the decisions around investments back in the hands of the business. We now have that regular forum for debate and understand what we can and can’t do. It’s given us that rigour and we can clearly see what the impact of starting, and just as importantly, stopping projects is. We’re much more under control.”

    Stuart Page, SVP Global Technology


    What the BBC Worldwide Team said…
  • What an NHS Local programme team said..

    “In a programme with so many stakeholders and so many conflicting priorities, … a knack of being able to get past through the noise, articulate requirements and tasks, prioritise them and find the right people to complete them”
    “… also contributed a lot of good ideas and value to the programme”

    Damien Hampton, Head of Technology


    “…diplomatic in approach and good client management skills.”
    “…very good with clients especially where there is a need to explain thoughts and concepts articulately and simply, and generally put people at ease.”

    Dharmesh Patel, Change Manager


    What an NHS Local programme team said..
  • What the CTO of Reed Business Information said..

    “They understand that process is a tool to be used appropriately to ensure a project succeeds. It is not a bureaucratic barrier to hide behind.

    This approach allows them to fit in with the culture of the organisation they are assigned to, and to all intents and purposes become a trusted member of that organisation for the duration of the assignment.”

    (Dan Olley is currently EVP Product Development & CTO at Elsevier)

    What the CTO of Reed Business Information said..
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